afternoon ootd


Hey people? How are you?
Today I’ll share this outfit for the the morning or afternoon.
I’d like to share every day but I can’t  so you should see my instagram’s account @thisisfedex_   💕

What I wear:
Blue jeans by Zara
long-black shirt by H&M
Boots by Ugg


“morning with a big friend”

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Who is ‘men’s best friend’ ?

I think it is definetely the dog.

-But why the dog?

-Because dogs do all of the little things that put smiles on faces around the world.

They are very friend because they listen to us and comfort us when no one else will.

‘Whonever said that diamonds are girl’s best friend,never had a dog’

Without Cody  I am only an other person. He never judge me and he also give me a lot of love.

He is a part of my family and I love him ♥


I’ll never alone, because my best friend will be always with me.


(not sorry for this post)

second ootd


The second outfit it’s very confortable for me because i’m in love with black and grey clothes.
I bought the grey-white cardigan from Alcott and I love it because it is very cold and lovely.
The shoes are always my babies:Dr martens (black)
Oh,sorry! I wear a black jacket ,too.

first look


Buonasera gente!

Eccomi  di nuovo qui… con il primo dei look di questo periodo.

Partiamo dall’inizio :

il 29 dicembre, sono partita molto presto portando una valigia piena di vestiti, maglie e pantaloni.

Faceva molto freddo quindi ho indossato un maglione caldo, che adoro tantissimo,comprato prima di Natale da H&M.

Il primo completo che ho scelto per partire è stato questo.

Maglione viola : H&M

Pantalone nero: Zara

Good evening people!

I’m back here … with the first of the look of this period.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  December 29, I left very early, bringing a suitcase full of clothes, sweaters and pants.

It was very cold so I put on a warm sweater, which I love so much, bought before Christmas from H & M.

The first full that I chose to go was this.

Purple sweater : H & M

Black pants: Zara

3 january


cominciamo da qui:
sono partita il 29 dicembre per passare il capodanno in Calabria con i miei genitori e mia nonna.
Faceva molto freddo e infatti:NEVE!!

start here: I left December 29 to spend the New Year in Calabria with my parents and my grandmother. It was very cold, and in fact: SNOW !!

new year!

Hey gente,buon anno!
É da un  bel po’ che non posto articoli perché sono stata fuori per le vacanze;
ho scattato molte foto che cercherò man mano di postare.

Hey people, happy new year! It is quite a bit ‘not place items because I was out for the holidays; I took many pictures that I will try as you post.